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EQU Streamz® Advanced Magnetic Horse Bands (boots/wraps) introduce a unique approach to the equine magnetic therapy market – for horses and ponies.

Full body coverage
Worn on any two legs
Non-invasive ’no heat’ magnetism
Suitable for 24×7 use
Lightweight & durable design
Joint care & wellbeing
Magnetic therapy has been used for decades to support horses with equine joint issues such as DJD or arthritis, tendon muscle or ligament strains, laminitis, navicular, windgalls, splint injuries, ringbone and much more. StreamZ advanced approach creates no magnetic pulse, it spins! This creates significant benefits over more traditional magnetic horse products such as magnetic boots and wraps.

StreamZ fully-adjustable magnetic horse bands are sold (and worn) in pairs. Each band wraps comfortably around either the cannon bone or pastern, providing full-body coverage, placed on any two legs either front or back.

StreamZ ’no heat’ magnetism impacts the system in a different way to traditional magnets; creating no heat the bands can be worn for long periods of time, including turnout. This benefit is of particular interest to horses who may suffer from inflammation or swelling, are recovering from a muscle tendon or ligament injury or have any other condition where increasing heat should be avoided.

The bands are extremely easy to use and maintain and are ‘one-size-fits all’ – from Mini-Shetlands to Cobs or Shires. Using injection-moulded hook-and-loop material the bands are lightweight yet durable and suitable for 24×7 use in most weather conditions.

Ideally used as complementary device pre exercise or post competition or when rehabilitating. The bands provide immediate support when reacting to a horses injury and can be used as part of a more proactive and preventative measure.

EQU StreamZ are packaged using bio-degradable and recyclable materials.

By joining the ‘StreamZ Family’ your horse will be joining an illustrious team of riders including World and Olympic Champions, international teams, leading charities and thousands of happy customers across the world. Rated 4.8 out of 5 across thousands of reviews.

Please read the ‘Medical Warnings’ and ‘Care Instructions’ prior to purchase.