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I’m your everyday rider passionate about

Functional Conditioning

for Horse and Rider

About me


Reduce muscular tension and pain to support strength, balance and soundness

Fitness and Strength

Build physical capability and mobility for performance and full range of movement


Tailored to you and your horse so you can progress yourself with an affordable service

You don’t need to be competing high level to care about conditioning

Functional health is the foundation of soundness and long ridden careers. We put energy and time into our lessons to improve our riding. So why not ensure you and your horse get the most out of them by improving your way of going?

Conformation directly impacts physical capabilities

Conformation and the way we are put together skeletally directly impacts on our posture and physical capabilities. Understanding the strengths and areas of weakness is pivotal to working and training correctly. We can directly influence our and the horse’s posture with the correct training, riding and conditioning exercises. Functional health is the foundation of quality riding, soundness and a long ridden career

My goal is to build your capacity so you can help your horse yourself

Every session has a unique component of education specific to your situation, discipline and horses conformation. Regular bodywork is necessary but not always affordable for all riders, so my goal is to improve your knowledge within your affordability

Horse only bodywork $70

60 minute conformation assessment, massage and stretching session

Horse and rider $100

80 minute session which includes bodywork for your horse and functional fitness session for yourself

Rider only $60

Functional fitness session designed to support your riding and lessons

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