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Equine Bodywork

Equine bodywork is important during training, competition and recovery. Muscular tension and pain is one of the leading causes of equine behavior and performance problems, with some small changes you can reduce this occurring and keep your horse sound and conditioned.

Bodywork sessions include a conformation assessment, massage, stretching and recommendations for exercises to support maintaining muscle health yourself. Massage alone is fantastic but to reduce the frequency and increase affordability that’s needed for benefits, I focus on a holistic approach where you take control over some of the work.

Learning some specific stretches and exercises unique to your horse that you incorporate into your grooming and riding can reduce the buildup of muscular tension and discomfort. When a muscle becomes tense, over-worked or strained, this can cause general stiffness and inability to stretch and take up their proper load. If untreated it can lead to strain on adjacent muscle tissue and tendons have to make up for the lack of movement increasing the likelihood of other injuries. Addressing muscle maintenance can prevent more serious injuries from occurring and allow the body to rebalance itself.

Massage feels good, touch initiates the nervous system and in turn endorphins are released which can assist in pain relief and overall wellbeing. Massage encourages the lymphatic system which works with the immune system to filter toxins, debris and pathogens from the body. Stimulating the lymphatic system can help to remove excess fluid, improve energy levels, removal of waste, bacteria and viruses from the body. A healthy horse is a happy performing horse!

Have you noticed your horse short striding? stiffness in movement, or not getting the correct canter lead? It might be time to take care of your horse’s muscles and start focusing on some additional conditioning techniques.

There are a great number of benefits of massage and these all ultimately lead to physical performance

  • Ensuring optimum range of movement and use of muscles and joints
  • Assisting in muscle tone and development of strength and flexibility
  • Enhancing muscle tone
  • Relaxation for the horse and their muscles
  • Improving and increasing circulation
  • Pain relief
  • Supports recovery from injury and any associated atrophy
  • Supports return to work after a period of spell and time off

Horse Bodywork $95

45-60 minute session that includes a conformational assessment, massage, and stretching. I talk you through everything I am doing and show you how you can work with your horse yourself