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If I was a horse I would be one of those ‘good doers’ – The truth about being an overweight rider!

By January 7, 2020 No Comments
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I want to talk the honest truth about my weight because I don’t like being overweight and I am. I also like pizza!

The second honest truth… white jodhpurs are not flattering

If you are anything like me, your weight might fluctuate between the years and even months. We all know we should love ourselves not matter what the scales say, but there still seems to be this in-built guilt and disappointment at how we look. We might spend months restricting calories hitting the gym, with it all falling in a heap with a party, a weekend at the pub or simply just a down day that draws us to that block of chocolate or bottle of wine.

The reality of life is we can’t rely on being ‘thin’ for happiness or success in the saddle. Otherwise we would never be happy and never set riding goals despite our weight. Want to know why? Because as a society 40% of our population is overweight and another 13% obese. If losing weight and being our ideal weight was easy, no one would be overweight. So please stop feeling guilty about your weight right NOW!

I think it is really normal to feel the pressure of being an ‘ideal’ weight’ and in a way this does keep me accountable to a healthy lifestyle, most of the time! But being thin is not the only factor that contributes to being a great balanced rider which is why I am sharing my personal truths with you.

You can be fit and strong at any size. 100% honest truth.

You can be a great rider, balanced and light in the saddle if you are fit. 100% truth.

Does being overweight impact our horses? Yes, 100% truth.

As well as being a human fitness coach I am also a qualified equine massage therapist and work on horses with their riders. We do contribute to their tension and muscle soreness especially through their backs, and I have seen some huge improvements in horse muscle health with small changes from their riders.

As an overweight rider myself I can tell you this, you do need to work on being a healthy weight because we are damaging our horses every ride because they are not built mechanically to carry riders no matter how thin. Never give up your goals of being healthy, but don’t stop living life just because you are not there yet. I certainly haven’t.

If you love food, eating and being social just like me… Chances are you are probably always going to be on the merry-go-round of watching your weight. 100% honest truth… Its bulls*it! This is even more reason to focus on your fitness and strength because you can’t change who you are. It would be like trying to turn a Clydesdale into a Thoroughbred! If there was an easy fix to being overweight, there wouldn’t be so many diets and different programs, all supporting a multi-billion dollar industry profiting from our struggles.

OK, I am not sounding overly positive here. I told you I was going to speak the 100% honest truth.

Without acknowledging the truth, we cant change.

So, I want to empower you with my message and encourage you to love yourself and quit with the guilt because it does not fix your riding.

Just back in September I was 71kg which is pretty close to my ideal weight. I weighed myself today in January 2020 and I am now 79kg. How the f**k does that happen? Wine, chocolate, dinners at the pub and too much cheese over Christmas did that to me. Some of you might be thinking, wow I would love to be 79kg especially if you are bigger. I have been bigger and that is another story for another time, but it was the experience that set me on my health and fitness path. So, no matter what weight you are starting at, don’t compare yourself to others because it is an entirely individual thing finding the size you are most comfortable being.

There was this one time about 15 years ago when I weighed 115.8kg. 100% honest truth.

I have maintained around the 75-85kg bracket for 15 years so I feel I know what I am talking about. I also have a Bachelor of Science in Health Promotion and Education so that helps! I am mostly at peace with my body and that in likelihood I will always struggle because I love food and enjoy eating. I have however developed healthy habits and made long term changes which means I will never be obese again.

So right now, I am doing what I always do when I need to get back to being accountable about my weight. I get back on the merry-go-round and plan to be as healthy as I can, every, single, day. I don’t care how the day ever ends, as long as I get back up and start again.

This is the winning attitude that will see you succeed with whatever goal you set in life. We fall of our horses and we get back on straight away, why wouldn’t we with our diet and exercise?

The winning action that goes hand in hand with attitude, which will help you keep starting again, every, single, day… is exercise. This is the miracle to being your ideal weight. 100% TRUTH. Moving not only keeps you strong and physically healthy no matter what your weight is doing, it supports feeling mentally positive and physically good. Research shows that the happier you feel, the more likely you are to stick to your goals.

So don’t let your weight stop you from riding, competing, wearing those white jodhpurs and loving yourself. Be fit and strong for your horse, and as long as you keep getting up in the morning and doing something that is benefiting both of you, the food and weight will eventually work itself out.

Until then… slow feeder food nets are needed for me.

Being fit and strong does 100% make you a better rider.

100% honest truth.

Get started here!

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